Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Crafting and Upgrade Materials Guide: Scrap Iron, Magnetite, Yellow and Black Gunpowder, Fat Wax locations

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It just wouldn’t be a FromSoftware game without an esoteric crafting system, would it? Although things are a little more straightforward in Sekiro, the upgrade system can take some figuring out, let alone finding the materials you need to improve your equipment. Here are the locations of all the Scrap Iron, Scrap Magnetite, Yellow and Black Gunpowder, and Lumps of Fat Wax we’ve found so far.

As we progress further through the game and find more materials, we’ll add them to the list. Found something we haven’t? Let us know in the comments!

Sekiro Crafting and Upgrade Materials

You gain access to the Prosthetic Upgrade menu once you’ve beaten the first proper boss in the game, the horse-riding general, and obtained the Mechanical Barrel. The Sculptor can then fit it to your arm to enable a slew of upgrades.

My personal early favourite is the simple Spinning Shuriken, but your upgrading your axe – which is a powerful tool, especially when combined with some skills – is a strong choice too.

Scrap Iron locations

Scrap Iron seems like a basic upgrade resource, and looks to be one of the most plentiful.

  • You can find one piece of Scrap Iron just past where you fought the Chained Ogre, in the ditch behind the samurai Tenzen Yamauchi
  • Following the boss fight with the horse rider general, there’s some Scrap Iron in the next area. Past the two hammer-wielding giants, you’ll find the item behind a pagoda over on the left-hand side
  • After the Blazing Bull when you’re at the Ashina Castle shrine, you can turn left just through the gate in front of you. In this small area, there’s a door you can push open. Through the door you can jump down to get to the Ashina Reservoir, but instead, bear right and open a second door that leads into an enclosed courtyard. You can find a Scrap Iron in here
  • In the Ashina Reservoir area, you can find another Scrap Iron by defeating the Lone Shadow Longswordsman down the sewer where you woke up at the start of the game. Just after the fog gate he was guarding, there’s some Iron on your right
  • After going through the Abandoned Dungeon Entrance shrine in the Ashina Cast, you can find another Scrap Iron on the left just after you’ve found the Underground Waterway shrine
  • Inside the Ashina Castle Upper Tower, as you fight your way through the first sections you’ll find a side room with two guys sat on the floor. One of the items they’re guarding is some Scrap Iron

Black Gunpowder Locations

Another basic resource, Black Gunpowder is often found near enemies that use guns or flames as weapons.

  • The first time you run into Black Gunpowder is when it’s dropped by the enemy wielding a large cannon in the Ashina Outskirts, just before the Chained Ogre
  • You can find more Black Gunpowder in the square guarded by the bell-wielding giant near the Ashina castle bridge, just before the Abandoned Dungeon Entrance shrine
  • Just after that, you can get some more once you’ve swam through the water and passed the Underground Waterway shrine
  • The Long-armed Centipede Giraffe in the Mt. Kongo area is guarding two caches of Black Gunpowder
  • At the end of the Mt. Kongo area when you reach the main temple hall, go to the right of the temple shrine and you can find some more

Yellow Gunpowder Location

Yellow Gunpowder is a much rarer resource, which so far we’ve only found dropped by the Long-armed Centipede Giraffe in Mt. Kongo.

Scrap Magnetite locations

  • Killing the bell-wielding giant who’s guarding the entrance to the Abandoned Dungeon gets you one scrap Magnetite
  • You can grab another just after the Armored Knight mini-boss on MT Kongo
  • Just after the Long-armed Centipede Giraffe, you’ll encounter a giant with a shield. Killing him drops a Scrap Magnetite
  • After you beat the Ashina Elite in his dojo in the Castle Upper Tower, there’s another Scrap Magnetite
  • Killing the Lone Shadow Longswordsman in the sewer where you woke up at the start of the game in the Ashina Reservoir area nets you a piece of Scrap Magnetite too

Lump of Fat Wax locations

Lumps of Fat Wax seem to be quite rare as well, but you can find a few in Mt. Kongo.

  • The first is behind the statue in the room full of monks in Mt Kongo where you find a Gourd Seed – it’s one of the earlier areas of Mt. Kongo after you’ve come up from the Underground Waterway. It’s being guarded by a big dude with a hammer
  • Later in the area, past the Long-armed Centipede Giraffe, you’ll be able to take a left into a courtyard full of small, fast, straw-hatted enemies. In the temple behind them you’ll find a load of centipede infested mummy monks – here you’ll find some more Fat Wax
  • Then at the end of the area, in the temple main hall, you can find some more Fat Wax behind the large statue that the elderly monk who gives you the Infested Chapter is sitting in front of

For more on Sekiro, check out our walkthrough.

If you’re struggling, we’ve also got some handy combat tips, as well as a guide to finding more Prayer Beads and Gourd Seeds.

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