Tesla brings back its customer referral program — with fewer free cars

Tech 22-3-2019 The Verge 18

Tesla killed off its customer referral program on February 1st, citing high costs — presumably because the company was giving away dozens and dozens of $250,000 cars for free — but in a typical Elon Musk about-face, the company just announced it’s bringing the referral program back with a few tweaks on top.

Basically, your benefits for convincing your friends and family to buy a Tesla have been reduced quite a bit, but they’re still nothing to sneeze at. Do it, and you’ll get 1,000 miles of free Supercharging, plus get entered into two drawings: a monthly chance to win a Tesla Model Y Founders Series, and a quarterly chance at that coveted, signed-by-Elon-Musk-founders’ version of the Tesla Roadster.

(You get two chances at those...

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