Stadia is Google’s new game streaming service

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Google announced its Project Stream gaming platform today at GDC 2019, and it’s officially called Stadia.

The firm is building a game platform for ‘everyone with access for everyone,’ called Stadia. Google said it will take “five seconds” to play a high end game from clicking a link on YouTube.

During the keynote, Google noted there are barriers to playing some games, such as the need for high-end PC. Stadia is a platform which won’t take this into consideration, it seems, because it uses the cloud.

It can be used on any platform, such as smartphones, tablets, PC, and televisions. Users can stream games to any of the these devices with the Chrome browser, with the need to download or install the game. You will be able to start playing on one platform and then pick up later on another device.

With YouTube, if you are watching a game trailer and see a “Play Now” notice at the end of it, it means you will be able to play it right away.

There isn’t a barrier to entry, as users can play games with KBM or the new Stadia controller. And according to Google, Stadia can stream games in 4K at 60fps and will eventually scale to 8K at up to 120fps. It also supports HDR, and surround sound.

The service uses AMD’s Vulkan graphics and compute API, and uses “10.7 GPU teraflops” which is considerably higher than current consoles from Microsoft and Sony.

It also supports cross-platform multiplayer and allows achievements and saves to be accessed, or transferred over. Google also said cheating or hacking won’t be an issue.

Doom Eternal was announced for the streaming service, and id Software said it runs in 4K, 60fps and on a single, Stadia GPU.

Low latency and reliable connection is promised, which means those with a less than stellar internet service can play multiplayer games without issues. This is because Stadia does not rely on local internet services.

Industry vet Phil Harrison is currently on stage right now discussing Stadia, with others interjecting.

Stadia Games and Entertainment was also announced as Google’s own, first-party studio and will be head up by Jade Raymond. Her team will also be working with external developers to take games “to the next level.”

The service will launch this year first in the US, Canada, UK and “most of” Europe.

We’ll continue to update this post as more information comes, so hit refresh on occasion.

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