Destiny 2: Black Armory – Niobe Labs puzzles solved

The Niobe Labs are now live in Destiny 2, complete with a new puzzle to solve.

Update: The puzzle remains unfinished this morning, though many players have scrambled to solve as much of it as possible. Here’s everything we’ve learned so far:

First section of Niobe Labs

The Niobe Labs can be found in the EDZ, through Sojourner’s Camp. Keep your eye out for symbols on the walls and floor, as you’ll need to use all of the previous weapons you’ve collected from the Forges to solve these puzzles.

You can do the first few sections solo, but once you reach Level 3 in Niobe’s Torment, you’ll need at least two other players to complete the mission, so buddy up.

For those interested in Black Armory lore, the runes towards the entrance of the Niobe Labs reads:

“Bring each sword to bear and plunge their true form into the forge, look upon your weapons to know it’s true form.
Quenched in the water of battle we emerge stronger together, three families strong in turn.
Together we are stronger. Spark the stone, fan the flame. Prepare for the Black Armory.”

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First Puzzle

You’ll need to complete two puzzles in this first section in order to progress using the weapons you’ve received from completing the previous three Forges. Familiarise yourself with the room first, so you can find all the symbols using all the scopes from each weapon.

Locate the Wind, Rock and Fire symbols and shoot them with the Bow, Sniper and LMG respectively. If you’ve done this correctly, you’ll hear a noise and you can continue to the next step.

Second Puzzle

The next puzzle is a bit more complicated. It’s split into sections for each weapon, so here’s what you need to do.

Sniper section

  • Stand on the Tiger symbol on the floor and shoot the Fish, Lotus then Temple.
  • Then, move to the Dragon and shoot the Archway, Rabbit, Bamboo and Temple.
  • Finally, stand of the Fish and shoot the Lotus.

LMG section

  • Shoot the Storm symbol.
  • Stand on the Moon symbol, then shoot: T + H R E B F L U +

Bow section

  • Stand on Daybreak, and shoot Missive, Trees, Water and Rose.
  • Stand on Wind and shoot: Missive twice.
  • With the Bow, stand on Daybreak and shoot Missive, Rose and Water.

You’ll then hear a noise to know you’ve completed the puzzle. There is a crate glowing blue on the lower platform displaying the message “Start Mission”. This takes you to the next section in Niobe Labs and begins the Niobe’s Torment mission.

Niobe’s Torment

This section is split into six levels, five of which have been solved. Again, familiarise yourself with the room and find all the symbols.

Also, there will be a Boss and some adds on each Level, which is going to slow you down a bit. You didn’t think it was just going to be all puzzles and no shooting, did you?

Level 1

A monitor on the screen will display a message in French which roughly translates to “True knowledge is given to those who wait in the shadows.”

Stand on the Hand and find the letter symbols. Spell out the word Butterfly to complete this level.

Level 2

The monitor will display a series of numbers. Equip the LMG, stand on the Hand and shoot Fire then Cloud. Switch to the Sniper and stand on the Fish. Shoot the Rabbit, then the Lotus.

Level 3

You’ll be able to see cyphers on the monitor in Level 3. This section requires at least three Fireteam members, so find some pals if you’ve been playing solo. You’ll need to time your shots to shoot simultaneously for this section.

  • Stand on the Dragon and shoot Bamboo.
  • Stand on Wind and shoot Water.
  • Stand on the Star and shoot Fire.

A servitor will appear, so kill it to destroy the shields of the Boss in the area.

Level 4

After a challenging fight in Level 3, this puzzle is very easy. All you need to do is spell out the word Fly while airborne.

Level 5

The monitor’s display will be very busy in this section and you’ll need to use different weapons for different icons.

  • Shoot the Butterfly with the Bow
  • Shoot the Fish with the Sniper
  • Shoot the Hand with your LMG.

Level 6

This is where the trail ends. Level 6 involves trying to decipher a message that’s been dubbed Broceliande, an ancient legendary forest. Nobody has cracked this part yet, but we’ll let you know when they do so we can all have a nosey at the Bergusia Forge.

Original story:

Bungie has finally revealed a few details about the Niobe Labs update in a tweet that says the new Black Armory event is a puzzle that, once solved, will unlock the Bergusia Forge for all players. This isn’t the first time new content has been hidden behind a completion wall, and top players are already scrambling to solve the puzzle first and net some cool loot, as well as being some of the first to reach the new Forge.

Niobe Labs is waiting to be discovered with a puzzle that needs solving.

Once completed by a fireteam, Bergusia, the final forge, will be unlocked for all.

Watch the best and brightest attempt the puzzle:

— Bungie (@Bungie) January 8, 2019

Almost all of Black Armory’s Exotic weapons are now in the pool, with the Le Monarque bow dropping frequently as a reward for reigniting a Forge. You can also buy frames from Ada-1 and farm the Forges to receive better rolls of the likes of Hammerhead or Kindled Orchid each time.

Back in December, Bungie released a Weapons trailer that showcased The Last Word as obtainable Exotic weapon. It will become available when the Season of the Forge’s Exotic questline, The Draw, goes live on January 29, with the Crimson Days seasonal event beginning soon after on February 5.

Black Armory and the Season of the Forge bring new Pinnacle weapons and a new raid, Scourge of the Past, to Destiny 2.

If you’re new to Destiny 2 or are still looking to boost your Power level or want to find some the secret Emblems, check out our Destiny 2: Black Armory guide here.

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