A cold ‘super-Earth’ may live around a nearby star

Tech 14-11-2018 The Verge 61
<em>An artistic rendering of what the planet around Barnard’s star might look like.</em>

A planet three times more massive than Earth may be lurking around the second-closest star system to our cosmic neighborhood. Astronomers say they have found evidence for a so-called “super-Earth” around the famous Barnard’s star — a small, faint dwarf star located less than six light-years away. Though we don’t know what this potential planet looks like, its close proximity makes it an excellent target for future telescopes to study in the long-enduring hunt for extraterrestrial life.

This discovery, detailed today in the journal Nature, marks another planet found around a relatively nearby star. In 2016, astronomers claimed to have found a small, rocky world around Proxima Centauri, which is the closest star to our Solar System at just...

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