eBay launches a new smartphone trade-in service with instant payouts

Tech 22-10-2018 The Verge 27

eBay announced its new Instant Selling program for smartphones today, which will allow users to list their old phone on the platform and immediately receive an eBay voucher in return. eBay says it’s offering higher return rates than Gazelle, EcoATM, AT&T Trade-in, Apple Give Back, and Verizon Trade-in.

For a 64GB unscratched, unlocked iPhone X, for example, you can get up to $490 on Gazelle, $260 on EcoATM, $450 through AT&T Trade-in, $525 through Apple Give Back, and $500 through Verizon Trade In; eBay values the iPhone X at $679.

For a 64GB unscratched Samsung Galaxy S8, you can get $185 through Gazelle, $85 through EcoATM, $180 through AT&T Trade-in, and $185 through Verizon. (Apple doesn’t accept the S8.) eBay offers $271.


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