Westworld creator on the future of AI: ‘We’ll be lucky if the future looks like Westworld’

Tech 12-6-2018 The Verge 892

In a talk at E3 on Tuesday afternoon, Westworld creators Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan discussed the influence of video games on the popular HBO series — including the Grand Theft Auto series, Portal, Perfect Dark, and Bioshock Infinite — and the dangers that loom as artificial intelligence grows more sophisticated.

Nolan, who grew up playing video games, says that although the original Westworld 1973 movie written by Michael Crichton preceded the modern video game industry — Pong came out only a year prior, in 1972 — but “what’s incredible about that film is how much [Crichton] intuited about how games would work.”

A life-long gamer, Nolan says that he had long wanted to script a video game, but that he had “never realized how frustrating...

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