Apparent PUBG Leak Unveils New Vehicles And Desert Map Layout

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We've known for some time now that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is getting a new desert map, but publisher Bluehole has revealed few details about it. Thankfully, some very dedicated fans have datamined the new PC 1.0 test servers and found what appears to be the layout of the new map.

Reddit user bizzfarts uploaded the below image showing what the new arena looks like. It should be noted that many of the location names are likely placeholders, to be replaced by final titles when the map eventually arrives. User Art_7s, meanwhile, uncovered images of a new jet ski vehicle, along with a minibus, pickup truck, and what appears to be a new gun. You can take a look at a couple of the images below; click the links to see more on Reddit and Imgur.

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Test servers for PC 1.0 were initially slated to go live earlier this month but were delayed as the test build was deemed to be "not stable enough," according to a blog post from the development team. "Right before opening the test servers, we concluded that the test build was not stable enough and decided to postpone the test." The servers are now live however, and their testing period has been extended by one day. "Testing will end Wednesday evening PST, Thursday morning CET," developer PUBG Corp explained.

On top of climbing and vaulting, players will also get to test out PUBG's revamped ballistics, which have been adjusted to improve gameplay balance and make them more realistic. Most notably, the development team has added a drag effect on bullets that affects their trajectory curve. Additionally, weapon accuracy has been tweaked according to their real-life counterparts, resulting in some weapons experiencing a slight accuracy nerf or buff.

PUBG releases in full on PC and on Xbox One via the Game Preview program later this year. For more, check out some official images of the new desert map.

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