A Better Designed Kirby Dress Is Impossible

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[Image: Peach John via Kai-You]

Seriously. No one will ever be able to create a better Kirby dress than this. It’s impossible!

Japanese lingerie maker Peach John is teaming up with Nintendo for Kirby branded pajamas, bustiers, eye masks, and underpants.

[Image: Peach John via Kai-You]
[Image: Peach John via Kai-You]

There’s even a Kirby dress, which seems to be more for sleeping than wearing around outside. But hey, that’s up to you!

[Image: Peach John via Kai-You]

The Kirby backpack, though, is definitely for the outside world.

[Image: Peach John via Kai-You]

As Kai-You notes, this year is Kirby’s 25 anniversary. These items will be released in Japan at Peach John’s Yummy Mart concept shop in Harajuku starting on April 22. 

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