Could New Console MMO Skyforge for PS4 Outshine the Elder Scrolls Online?

Sci-Fi/ Fantasy MMO Skyforge Coming to PS4 Later This Year Packs 14 Playable Classes and Unprecedented Instance Control

In the world of Massively Multiplayer Online games, the PC has historically been the dominant platform. In recent years however, games like Neverwinter and ESO have drawn staggering amounts of players on consoles, proving that the genre definitely has legs on consoles. Publisher and developer Allods Team is riding this wave and bringing their free-to-play MMO, Skyforge to the PS4 console in spring of this year.

Set on a planet called Aelion, the world in Skyforge is constantly besieged by advanced alien races. Through the miracles of reverse-engineering, the “humans” on Aelion have been able to harness some intense technology and even magic to aid them in resisting constant invasion attempts. You play as one of a handful of chosen heroes who are actually immortal, (conveniently explaining unlimited respawns) and are charged with championing the fight against alien invaders. Check out the shiny new trailer released in anticipation of the PlayStation release:

Skyforge seems like a mix between ESO and Overwatch gameplay-wise. Players get to control any one of the 14 playable classes and actually switch between them at any time. All the traditional elements that you would expect to see in an MMO are all there, “dozens of hours of entertainment with Campaign mode, and unlimited hours in various PVE and PVP game modes, all in over 100 locations.” In addition to the fact that there are a staggering amount of playable classes, Skyforge also allows players to chose whether to play online with the rest of the community or in their very own personal instance. Unlike in ESO, this will allow players to customize their gameplay experience. If you want to brave the world alone, or go harvesting/ farming in a solo area, you absolutely can! No more weirdly competitive farming of item drops and materials in overpopulated servers unless you’re into that sort of thing.

Even though the game will not officially launch on PlayStation 4 until Spring of 2017, fans can register their PSN account now on the Skyforge site to gain access to an exclusive “Immortal Pack.” This free content contains a couple spiffy looking costumes and further cosmetic customization options for Playstation Plus members. With Skyforge’s many classes, instance control, and unique sci-fi/ fantasy art style, this game could easily give the ever popular ESO a run for their money when it comes to MMO dominance on consoles.

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