Mass Effect Andromeda Offers Insane Difficulty at Start & LGBT Romance

Because Insanity and Romance Just Go Together, Hopefully Well in Mass Effect Andromeda

We’re getting more tidbits of news to slowly paint the picture of Mass Effect Andromeda. But you can say we’re doing small brush strokes. Today on twitter, apparently BioWare’s news outlet, Lead Designer Ian S. Frazier was asked about the game’s initial difficulty options. He was able to confirm that ‘Insane’ difficulty will be available from the start. Which essentially means that anyone with self-destructive tendencies won’t have to beat the game to unlock a harder playthrough. You can be a masochist from the start.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

@TheDiscoEffect Available from the start. If you want your face kicked in by Insanity right off the bat, be our guest. 😉

— Ian S. Frazier (@tibermoon) February 14, 2017

He then confirmed the full list of difficulties:

@TheDiscoEffect SP Difficulty Modes are: Narrative, Casual, Normal, Hardcore, Insanity, Battletoads.

One of these is a lie.

— Ian S. Frazier (@tibermoon) February 14, 2017

And if you were a Dragon Age: Inquisition fan who found pleasure in the Trials mechanic, Frazier also confirmed that Andromeda will have something else to “scratch the same itch.” There’s more than just a galaxy to discover.

Moving on to what people really want to learn about, Frazier also confirmed romance options for multiple orientations. Seeing as this is an alien galaxy, his words can actually mean a lot more than we bargained for. But there’s no telling, as he didn’t want to reveal more than necessary before release. And, most likely, players will enjoy some surprises. Add this to the “pretty good” bangin producer Mike Gamble said would be in the game, then we have some saucy relationships to look forward to.

@PrinceEnigmatic We will have romance options for a variety of sexual orientations. But we don’t plan to reveal most romances before ship.

— Ian S. Frazier (@tibermoon) February 14, 2017

Mass Effect Andromeda releases March 21st, about a month from now. As we learn more, we’ll be sure to keep you updated. Happy gaming.



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