New Game From Plants Vs. Zombies' Creator Now In Closed Beta

Prepare for Octogeddon! The upcoming game from the creator of Plants vs. Zombies is finally coming to Steam in February, years after the cephalopod-infused action game was conceived at a game jam. The game will be entering a closed beta b8ta, and prospective players can vie for one of 64 golden tickets to check it out for themselves.

The game is the first release from All Yes Good, a studio led by George Fan, the creator of PopCap's PvZ series. Other members of the Octogeddon team include Rich Werner, PvZ's original artist, and Kurt Pfeifer, the lead developer on PvZ's XBLA port.

“The big studios and monolithic publishers in the video games industry can’t or won’t make games like Octogeddon any longer,” George says. “Rich, Kurt, and I wanted to make a game that’s entirely focused on the fun, not the financial. As my first game launched since Plants vs. Zombies, and eighth overall, I consider this one my octo opus!”

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In a welcome break from the current microtransaction-fueled climate, Octogeddon will be a premium game (price TBA), with no in-game monetization of any kind – including post-release updates and add-ons.

If you're interested in checking out the b8ta, we're told that you might be able to gain access by hitting George up directly on Twitter. Meanwhile, you can learn about the game's development and more in my feature from last year. It includes a link to the game-jam version, too, which will give you a reasonable idea of what you can expect from Octogeddon when it releases on Steam on February 8.

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