Lucius Malfoy Actor Says He Originally Wanted Another Part

Actor Jason Isaacs has spoken up to share an interesting story about his role in the Harry Potter film franchise. While we now know him for his portrayal of Voldemort servant Lucius Malfoy , he...


Madison Reed just raised another $25 million to open hair color bars across the U.S.

 You get to a certain age, and if you’re remotely vain (and let’s face it, you are), you need to have your hair colored fairly frequently. You’re hardly alone. Roughly 75...


Trump Offers Support to 3 GOP Senators Expected to Be Challenged

President Donald Trump called Sens. Deb Fischer, Roger Wicker and John Barrasso, who are reported to be on a list of those expected to be challenged.


T La Rock: Fox to Develop Film About Life of the First Def Jam Artist

Fox developing a film about the life of Def Jam recording artist T La Rock Twentieth Century Fox is developing a film about the life of the first Def Jam recording artist T La Rock. Fox...